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Transform Yourself Into A Gold Making Master

  You don't need to already know a lot about World of Warcraft to learn from this cataclysm gold guide. In fact, 20k Leveling is designed to take you step by step from noob to pro gradually.

Don't worry though, I've been exactly where you are now (whether that's brand new or looking to get gold cap) and I know the techniques you need to learn in order to become a gold making master.



"I Can Make 10,000 Gold in 10 Minutes Now!"

I just wanted to send a quick thanks to you for your awesome guide. I have been using it for less than 2 weeks now and I am already seeing gold pour in faster than ever. I don't consider myself a newbie by any means and I'm pretty good at making gold, but your guide has really put me on another level. Your guide has shown me things about the game that were brand new to me and I've been playing since vanilla. I thought before that making ten thousand gold an hour was fast. I can make that in ten minutes now!

Thanks Markco!

- Richard


Learn At Your Own Pace

You won't be pressured into leveling up six toons at once or trying to flip epic items on day one with this guide. Instead, I'll ramp up slowly by teaching you how to make gold with what you have now, even if that's nothing.

Move forward in the guide as you get comfortable with each step and you'll be looking at earning tens of thousands of gold on a weekly basis faster than you'd ever thought possible.



Constantly Updated For Free!

You will be blown away by how frequently I update this guide. Due to the fact that I am an expert player who needs to maintain several podcasts, a blog, various social media sites, this guide and even a forum you'll find that no one else can compare the amount of knowledge I constantly equip myself with in World of Warcraft.

Other guides may bolster get rich quick schemes or common farming spots but you'll find neither in this guide. Instead, you'll find what works thanks to thousands of hours of me finding out what doesn't so you don't have to.



"Thank you for actually caring"

Well Marco, I'm 16 and I didn't understand this game much with auction house and making money, it confused me..

Your guide explained to me what and how I'm supposed to use the addons.

That was great! Thank you for actually caring for your subscribers and for answering my emails even before I bought the guide.

- David


Listen... I was once just like you.

I never owned more than 300 gold at any one time. I grinded my epic flyer but then I went right back down to 300 gold again.

Every day was a struggle to pay for repair bills and farming was a chore required to do the things I love in this game.



But then I discovered something...

There's a way to make gold and never stop making it and you're only one click away from learning my secrets! And if you automate this process you will never stop making insane amounts of gold!

What I'm going to share with you will enable you to play this game the way you, me, and everyone else loves to play it: Care free and with gold coming out our ears!

You'll not only make 200k gold leveling, you'll then make unlimited amounts of gold each week that you are level 85. How's 70,000 gold per week with any profession sound? That's just the tip of the iceberg!




Introducing 20k leveling

20k Leveling Guide My guide doesn't have any of those stupid fake 'secrets' that will be gone with the next expansion or content patch...

Instead, I walk you step by step through making gold in this game with rock solid, fundamental strategies which will allow you to easily make 4000-8000 gold every day while you level.

In fact, when the next expansion rolls around, you won't need to buy another WoW gold guide. Yes there will be new items and gear, but the guides I teach you are timeless and that's what makes them so successful with players of all skill levels.


"You learn things that you would never figure out on your own."


This program is wonderful: you learn things you would never figure out on your own

  • - in depth mechanics (how do things work)
  • - how to apply what you have learned
  • - why a specific strategy is advised

Taught via a presentation that is so well thought out: slow and steady (text, pictures, voice). Follow a sub topic ... try what you have learned ... now return to sub topic and learn even more.

Again, this is the best ..."

- Phlynx (Troll Hunter)


What's in it?


20k Leveling Guide I believe that itís better to practice the main concepts right away and learn the details later, so thatís what I did in this portion of the guide.

Most players have trouble building a daily routine for themselves and sticking to it, so Iíll take you into the world of add-ons and hold your hand through setting up, understanding and employing add-on strategies for developing your first daily routine.

This routine takes just 15 minutes a day, you should do it twice a day and it will net you easily 25-40k gold per week at max level and 8-10k gold per week while leveling as a bare minimum.

20k Leveling Guide This is everything you need to know to move on to later sections of the guide. Everything from the auction house to trade chat to addons that speed up the various processes associated with being a professional auctioneer.

Youíll walk into this chapter a noob and come out ready to become a pro. Donít think you can skip this chapter just because youíve been playing the game a few years either!

Youíll learn what I consider the basics, and odds are a few pointers in this chapter will be valuable even to the more experienced players.

20k Leveling Guide Here is the ď20k LevelingĒ part of the guide. Youíll see why you can make so much gold and how to take advantage of various opportunities while leveling.

If you are having problems obtaining enough gold for your character have no fear, Iíll show you how to make enough gold to support ten characters on your way to 85 and it will expand upon the ideas discussed in your First Daily Routine.

Iíll also show you a host of ways you can get starter cash for your toons at any level.

20k Leveling Guide What professions should you level with? How can you power level a profession efficiently and maybe make some gold in the process?

Those two questions are what youíll get answered in this chapter for every profession in the game.

Have a profession but donít know how to optimize the gold you make with it? In this chapter, every profession is combed through by my team at 20k Leveling to provide you with the knowledge necessary to develop your own strategy to using your professions for the purpose of making gold.

No stone is left unturned and youíll even find analysis of vanity items and maps of where to gather materials. Addons which can help you track nodes and even upload the location of all nodes on the map are also discussed.

20k Leveling Guide Struggling to make gold with disenchanting, milling and/or prospecting?

There are several helpful profession searches you can perform and knowing how to read the tooltips of addons will make your job ten times easier.

20k Leveling Guide In depth look at addons which will help you buy, sell and even cancel auctions with quite a bit of perfectly legal automation.

These addons have been developed within the LUA framework of World of Warcraft and have been deemed acceptable by Blizzard.

I go through these publicly accessible addons in great detail and show you examples of how to put them to work for your auction house business.

20k Leveling Guide Now maybe at this point in the guide you have a good understanding of one or two professions and want to start dominating the markets youíre selling in.

Hereís where I take the basic concepts and lessons so far and crank them up a notch to deliver the strategies that turn you into a gold making machine.

Youíll expand even more upon the daily routine that has been developing throughout the guide to include additional addons from the previous chapter and enhance the basic concepts youíve been working with so far.

20k Leveling Guide Thereís more to cross faction trading than faction pets and Iím going to show you the most powerful part of the neutral auction house: trading cross server (aka arbitrage).

Youíll see strategies on how to pick apart the opposing auction house to suit your needs and fill your bank with gold.

20k Leveling Guide Hereís where I show you how to make a million gold. This part of the guide will make the rest seem like nothing.

Youíll get a complete list of everything you need to buy to sustain every profession at once as well as best practices for turning the whole thing into an elaborate daily routine.

Downloadable spreadsheet with full list of crafting materials and products included. The list is updated frequently with changes to the game.

By this point in the guide youíve mastered all the concepts and addons and youíre ready to take your place among the gold making elites.

20k Leveling Guide I've done the ground work in finding all the best locations for farming in the new and old zones of cataclysm. If you really want to farm I'll show you the best places to do it.

Skinning, herbalism, mining, fishing... all covered in this all inclusive guide.

I point out spots where you can get more than one item for your time, which also happen to be the best locations in the game for gold per hour.

20k Leveling Guide I'll walk you through step by step how to go from a sucking noob to a pro in just 10 days!

Each day has a list of things for you to do to help you learn the other sections of the guide and get you learning concepts incrementally that will transform you over time.

You won't feel overwhelmed and you'll slowly learn how to improve your game play one day at a time.

20k Leveling Guide Did you know that there are far more addons for making gold than just Auctioneer? Well you're in luck, as there is over an hour of video footage and commentary within 20kleveling which explains the newest Cataclysm addons in great detail.

One of the coolest parts about my guide is that you could have a few hundred people using it on the same server and they'd all still make tons of gold. Don't worry, with how many I've sold there are already at least a few dozen on your server (statistically speaking).

20k Leveling Guide

20k Leveling also comes with a FREE Premier Subscription for new content and updates!

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With my expose on the 40 Best Farming Spots in Cataclysm, turn this once mundane chore into one of the most lucrative activities in the game.

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Minimize the time you spend on the Auction House (and more time on the stuff you really enjoy!) by focusing on goods you know will sell fast with my 20K Leveling 80/20 Principle.

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Learn from the very best with our WoW Millionaire Daily Routine Schedule. You won't believe how easy it is!



Incredible Value, Incredible Price

As you can see, 20k Leveling shows you how to be successful in WoW and has something for every skill level. But how can you ensure that your money will be well spent with all the other scam guides out there?

20k Leveling comes with a 100% guarantee or your money back. Please note that taking a refund for the guide will permanently ban you from repurchasing it. This is of course in fairness to those who have paid.



60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Updated every week for Cataclysm and the guide will continue to be updated every time I find new information on patches, expansions or interesting gold making strategies. This is the one and only gold guide youíll ever need.



"I have never purchased
anything online"

"Markco, I have never purchased anything online. Nothing, nada, ziltch. You have given out so much great content and have become such a helpful force in the community that I decided to purchase this guide as a way to say thank you for all your hard work over the years.

The shock I experienced as I went from chapter to chapter actually learning even more from you was well worth three times the price youíre charging for this masterpiece.

Thank you so much for your frequent updates and straight forward content in the guide, I canít wait to see what you have in store for us in cataclysm."

- Nick


Buy Today!

Take advantage of all the free bonuses Iím offering with this great deal as well as premier access to the guide for a one time purchase of just $37.

20k Leveling Guide


  Itís easily a $57 value for all these guides and bonuses, but Iím practically giving it all away with this great deal.  

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  Good luck and have fun! I canít wait to see your emails and success stories!

PS. Remember, if you arenít completely satisfied with your purchase I will un-enroll you from the memberís area and give you a full refund. Iím known throughout the WoW community both for my guide and for my honesty.

PPS. Iíve spent years building trust, and you have my word that you will get a full refund should you not be happy with your purchase. That being said, only 0.04% of people who purchased 20k Leveling actually took me up on that offer because the guide is just that damn good.



  Q. Do you update the guide? Is it up to date for the latest patch?

A. Absolutely! 20k Leveling is the fastest guide to be updated. Every time a game update is released I am excited to do a podcast, post on my blog, and update the guide with all the lastest changes.

Q. If too many people get the guide, will the methods still work?

A. The best part about this guide is that it creates a unique strategy for you on your server. So even if a hundred people own this guide on your server (and odds are there will be) the methods will still make you plenty of gold.

Q. What am I buying exactly?

A. After purchasing you will have immediate access for life to the gold making guide and all updates. Since the guide gets updated bimonthly you will be able to access updates for patches and expansions to come, making it a priceless value for a one time payment.

Q. Is there a download for this guide?

A. After ordering, you'll be emailed your log in details which give you access to the exclusive members area. Once inside, there are many different resources (some downloadable). However, the most of the guide is online.

Q. How long does it take to get the guide?

A. You'll get INSTANT access. Even if it's 3am and you live in the middle of nowhere.

Q. Is the guide super basic?

A. If you're a beginner, this is guide will give you an amazing head start. Since it covers all levels it is basic enough for beginners, yet will guide you right through to playing with the WoW elite! This is the only gold guide you will ever need to buy.



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